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AROS as alternate OS

Just reading the March 2011 copy of APC (Australian Personal Computer) and there is an tech article about 10 Alternative Operating Systems. At number 3 is Aros.

Something for Amiga lovers.
You may have fond memories of the Amiga. The dazzling graphics and crisp sound (when PCs were faffing around with text mode and beeps), the super- fast multi-tasking, and the, er, lack of protected memory... Well, forget that last one. It was one of the all time, and it still has many fans today. AROS - the Amiga Research Operating System - is intensely fast. It apes the Amiga design, both superficially and with its inner workings, and is designed to be source compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 (software written for the old Amiga OS should only need a recompile to work). AROS has great potential as a light and fast OS for low-end netbooks and tablets.
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