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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Thanks for the info, you lucky man!

Two 4Gb partitions and rest is what then? How did you partition it all then? I was also thinking a 32Gb SDHC seems good value and would be ideal.

My Replay is going to do more than "just" Amiga I think... plus I might restore my BBS backup to it and put it online 24/7
I have two .HDF files off 4 GB usesing PFS3 so you can use 4gb size partitions.
Then I also have a directory structure on the SDHC card with .ADF files (Floppy's) with games, demos, utils, magz, and stuff like that, with a total of aprox 10.000 .adf's (floppy disks).
The replay can use 2 .HDF files so a total of 8gb HDD space can be assigned.
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