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Originally Posted by wizard66 View Post
I have one of the FPGA Replay boards and I use a 32GB SDHC from transcend.
I have two Partitions of 4GB and the rest are all adf files my card is almost full.

Partitions limit is 4gb due to FAT32.
Size Limit for SDHC is 32GB.
There are XDSC cards bigger then 32GB but I don't know if Replay or Minimig can use this SDXC format, it's also a bit to expensive to try it out.
Because when it's not working Your ****** (not happy) ;-)

I have a picture fom my current wb 3.1 newicons/magicicons pfs3 and color palette from Cammy and some castle background from this site.
Thanks for the info, you lucky man!

Two 4Gb partitions and rest is what then? How did you partition it all then? I was also thinking a 32Gb SDHC seems good value and would be ideal.

My Replay is going to do more than "just" Amiga I think... plus I might restore my BBS backup to it and put it online 24/7
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