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Yes and no. Basically the idea was that games that we do not have scans for will be lower priority for release. We own thousands of games ourselves and will scan them as we go. For games that do not have scans, we will probably list them on the website as "waiting on scans for release" - then people can contribute and we can release the game. [snip]
Thanks again for the detailed information. It has to be said that you are always doing great PR work !

Personally I think (when everything is running) you should in every case provide contributors with working disk images of the games they sent in. You could add the request not to spread it if this is of importance to you. Otherwise the motivation would be quite low if they would have to scan any paperstuff and manuals too only to get an emulator ready backup of their games. If you would not do so - not the supporters would benefit by donating, but any inactive dudes who *laugh* as they had no hassle but can leech all the stuff from alt.binaries... It should not result in this scenario.

Recently I created some more rare dumps with your tool. Hope you still require original "Paperboy"... Will upload the stuff later and e-mail you...
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