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Charityware - can it work?


Following on from David Cruickshank's lead I decided to make my pd website charityware and set up a just giving page to support my chosen charity mencap -

After a month there have been two donations, raising £10 in total. David's page has done better raising £57

My question is can charityware work - I know from my page visits that each month 135+ people download the public domain cd32 game image and a similar amount the Amiga 1200 CF hard drive file and individual disk images. Even if these visitors only donated £1 the total have cleared a £100 by now - and I am sure there will be considerably more people playing David's game than those who have donated.

Discussion is therefore can charityware work - or is it human nature to download for free?

Update - I have contacted Mencap and they have allowed me to include their logo on the website which I am hoping will raise the profile - any more constructive comments on how to improve charity donations for this website are most welcome.
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