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resurrecting this thread with a new update and new information regarding the film

Hello everyone!

If you're reading this, you've probably been to and have seen the trailer, and are likely an Amiga user or general fan. But if that's not the case, here's the general pitch:

In 1985, a powerful new kind of computer was born. It was 10 years ahead of its time, and ready to take on Microsoft, IBM and Apple for control of the PC market. The Amiga computer revolutionized video, multimedia and digital art, with Andy Warhol being a big advocate. It was also known for being a fantastic video games machine. Despite the computer's manufacturer going bankrupt in early 1990's, the Amiga has a huge cult following worldwide to this day. This film documents the rise and fall of the Amiga in the marketplace, and gives an inside look at the passionate and eccentric community that surrounds it. We've got in-depth interviews with the Amiga's designers, engineers and advocates, and we'll be shooting even more. This is a compelling and unique documentary, rich with animation and a distinctive style. Viva Amiga is also being written and directed by an Amiga user - me, Zach Weddington! Without the Amiga, I seriously doubt my career in film and animation would be where it is today.

Rather than just ask for donations, we've decided to give everyone some cool stuff in return, so take a look at the great rewards we're offering at the various donation levels. These packages we're offering now at these prices will only be available to Kickstarter donators, so don't miss the chance to get this stuff and help fund the film. All donations for packages include shipping!

Your donations will enable us to complete the film. Here are some big names that we've already filmed so far:

Jeff Porter - Former Commodore Engineer - in charge of hardware develepment. He gave us the 500.

Dave Haynie - Former Commodore Engineer - best known for the Amiga 3000. He shot the infamous "Deathbed Vigil" video.

Bil Herd - Former Commodore Engineer, Principal Enginneer on the Commodore 128 and others...

Andy Finkel - Former Commodore Engineer - software

Jason Scott - Computer Historian, Writer (, and Filmmaker (BBS - The Documentary, Get Lamp)

...and several other important Amiga journalists, scenesters and engineers too.

Oh yeah, let's not forget about the kick-ass soundtrack being composed by Amiga mod scene musician Zoƫ Blade!

So now...

RJ Mical, legendary video game industry pioneer, Workbench designer, and part of the original Amiga design team, has just signed on to be interviewed. We need some cash to get to Silicon Valley to shoot his segment.

Eric Schwartz, well-known Amiga animator, will appear in the film as well. He has also offered to do some special graphics for the film. You can help me pay to fly him out to our studio! You know, this guy...

[ Show youtube player ]

We've got some shoots planned in Northern Germany and London right now, and we will use the money to get there. We feel that it is essential for Europe to be well-represented in the film, as Europeans embraced the Amiga so heavily. We could also use some camera gear of our own - all gear has been loaned to us thus far. Your money will go towards that as well.

Also, everyone is working on this film for free so far. Noone expects to be paid, really, but I know for a fact that you get what you pay for. I'd like to be able to pay my talented composers, designers, animators and fact checkers for their excellent work.

There's already a lot of interest in this film. We've got 400 people signed up to pre-order it, and hundreds of fans on Facebook. We just need a little help with funding, and now you can pre-order the film to help make it happen.

Take a look at the packages we're offering.

so please, please support this's gonna be awesome...

all the best
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