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Owned both systems and they are both awesome! You just had to have an A500, SNES and Megadrive to get the best out of gaming back then. The systems and games felt so different, whilst many PS3 and 360 titles are carbon copies of one another. Shame the carts were hyper expensive. Still, it meant you got the best out of every game and appreciated playing each one.

Megadrive had exclusives like Super/Revenge of Shinobi (brilliant tunes and gameplay), top arcade ports like Golden Axe (near perfect port), some excellent shooters, darker more serious titles with higher resolution but fewer colours. Probably some of the best midi music of the time! The controller, graphics, sound and games all felt unique to the system and of course it was released first, so really impressed in arcade ports and style games compared to the Amiga.

In comparision to the Megadrive, the SNES had more bright colourful Nintendo style games, 256 colours, good graphics hardware and combined with Mode-7 allowed superiour visuals in many cases in comparision to the Megadrive ...... but lower resolution and a poorer CPU affected some games making them worse, completely different sound (better in my opinion) and the better controller. Also the best Street Fighter II port for its time (although the Megadrive followed up eventually in a close second), helped a lot by its native six button controller.

Super Mario World is a work of art, Mario Kart two player and F-Zero - loved them. The Mode-7 effect was brilliant for the time. I thought it worked quite well in racers - the only other option was the Lotus type scrolling road effect, which would have made F-Zero and Mario Kart much worse. Part of the appeal in those games was scraping around corners using the top shoulder buttons, which rotated the track Mode-7 style, seeking out every last bit of pace from a lap. Really felt like seat of the pants racing. Mastering Bowser and Donkey Kong also took some serious skill and practice. Of course, it was used to great effect not just in racers (which some people above thought looked bad - to be fair it does by today's standards), but in games to scale, zoom and twist levels and warp enemies. It made for some unique gaming effects only seen on the SNES.

Just thinking about the top games on each system - so hard to compare. So different in the look and feel. I still would have had to have both back in the day! But never would have given up my Amiga for either!

What I hated about both systems was running in PAL 50Hz mode - slower games, squashed screens with borders - especially bad on the SNES. On the Amiga, PAL systems were better due to greater game support and the extra resolution came in handy. Plus we could switch many games to 60Hz if required.

On the consoles of the time, 60Hz systems were just plain better. Thankfully, with modern consoles, we've left all that nonsense behind.

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