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Oh yes, I am I won't have to wait years til I can buy a PS2 just to play MGS 2

Hey Kriz, I reccomend you trying the MSX games, not the NES ones. Metal Gear was originally made for the MSX, and it was ported to other systems by Ultra Games (Konami of America), and they┬┤ve added some stuff and changed other stuff (they changed the whole plot), and everything they made in the game is pish.
The real sequel for Metal Gear is Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake, created by Hideo Kojima, ONLY AVAILABLE ON MSX. The NES has a sequel called "Snake's Revenge" thar was all designed by Ultra Games, and NOT TOUCHED by Hideo Kojima. This game is the black sheep of the Metal Gear series, as it basically sucks.
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