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I love my Amigas, and stuck with them thru my Amiga 1200 days, but I also got into PCs.
Mostly because I was helping people build/upgrade theirs and I usually got hand me downs.
(I had an XT with a 286 card once.. ;-)

So I got to play with both. Although I never had a cutting edge PC (still to this day, my PCs are all really old), I remember playing the Commander Keen and Duke side scrollers.
They weren't Amiga quality, but they were still fun. Especially when you considered what the PC had at the time...
I do remember finally thinking the PC had caught up to the Amiga (more or less, and this was just my impression) with Jazz Jackrabbit... That was a quality looking game, and fast.

I was never really a huge Wolfenstein 3D fan, although it was impressive...
But Doom did catch me and even I liked it.. ;-)
In fact, when we were upgrading our PCs at the office at the time, we picked VGA cards that played Doom better. It was about $20 more per card, so maybe $200 total, but the Office Manager loved him some Doom too..
I had more fun gaming on my Amigas, but there were some nice PC games I remember.
I actually played Gobliiins first on my PC with my 1X CDROM!!! WooHoo!! ;-)
(Someone upgraded to a 2X, so I got the hand-me down)

By then, I was starting to make money using the PC as well, so ....

Anyway, great interviews!!

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