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Yep, I have a Protector from the initial run. Great game...
And I have a homebrew 3D-LCD shutter adapter/glasses. It's not a true 3D imager (no color and not the same), but it's fun..

I have to admit,I love my Amiga's, but my Vec is my pride and joy of my retro stuff.
Partly because I didn't have one back in the day (I did have Amigas), and mostly because it's just so damn kual. ;-)

And I agree, great games...

It's starting to take quite a while to come on after I twist the dial tho, so I think it needs some CAP work... Might have to find someone to help me with that.. I don't trust myself with my Vec and a soldering iron. ;-)

Nice collection!!

One other thing I like is using the Atari driving controller and the Spinnerama games/Tsunami.. Not a TRUE tempest, but some fun in there as well..

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