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It's not up to me, Jens itself says that Buddha cannot handle CF cards. But when buying it, there was no mention about that it cannot handle all IDE devices (but a big promotion with 100% IDE specification). This is bad.

No bug report, as I expect the best product and the function that it should have. If I buy an IDE controller card, it should handle IDE devices, don't you think so? It's easy: Buddha cannot handle CF, all other old IDE cards can. So this is a step backwards. I do not like false promises or expactations and also do not support this. He makes products that are limited by it's design with intention.

EDIT: I have MMC64, that is great. I was excited about C-One, but dissapointed as it was not doing what I expected, so I did not buy it. Also I have Buddha, but it's limited and not IDE compatible (Cf cards). Also I was thinking about ACA1230, but the CPU is too high to close the port cover, there are other limitations. And I do not like the concept of flickrfixer and ACA630 with this socket-pull-on. I would love an external flickerfixer But they are not available sadly.


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