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I know what's written on Vesalia.

I also know that Bhudda IDE is not working with CF cards. Individual Computer products often cost more and do less then old hardware. There is a patch in amibay, but instead of fix it, he sells 50+ Euros adapters to make CF cards working on Buddha (trueide). Also he's the only that cannot handle C128 timings. No other hardware has problems with C128. Think about this (ok, chameleon is a bit special, but you can look at all producs, including ACA with problems and limitations). Also Cone was a flop in itself, very few cores available, etc. MMCR users were upset with update philosophy and now Chameleon that will maybe not support things customers will expect. CloneA is "no where". Very strange. So he's doing FPGA since 2002 (C one) and after 10 years he has no working product (Chameleon).

For me, selling a not-finished product is a bit a shame. Also Cone was not finished but sold and look at this desaster. So for me there are limitations on the design of his hardware with no reason because other shows that all is possible.

And I don't want to discuss this further. This is my opinion and everybody can think what he want to think about. I have my reasons and opinion, you have your own, that's OK and I have not said that his products are bad, but he is simply not possible to make things working the way they COULD work.

I do not own a Chameleon, but loading D64 is currently not implemented. You can make a POKE with activating 1541 and then load and save programs on a blank d64, but loading images as on 1541U is currently not supported.

sry for a bit OT and telling the truth here I know that others will disagree, but this is no discussion about other products. Thanks
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