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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Don't. PSOne was a better console and 3D games as a whole much better.
I disagree there mate.

PS1 was marginally better at 3D than the Saturn. The problem for the Saturn is it was a pig to program for, especially if you used some of the Sega libraries to perform certain tasks, as they were not particularly well optimised.

The guys at Gremlin moaned initially that the 3D on the Saturn was nowhere near the quality of the PS1, but when one of the programmers delved a little deeper, he found certain critical libraries to do 3D functions were crap, so they ended up writing their own routines and the Saturn version of Slipstream was actually slightly better than the PS1 version.

Whilst the PS1 and its 3D were slightly better, the PS1 couldn't compete against the Saturn for the non-vector stuff. Some of the shootem-up's on the PS1 suffered horrendous lagging and shearing of the screen at times, whereas the Saturn coped extremely well.

The PS1 really wasn't that technically much better than the Saturn, it was just easier to program for and get decent results without any extra work.

And as has been said already, whilst the PS1 might have brought 3D to the masses, its dated and awful looking now, whereas the Saturn 2D library is easily the equal of some of todays games.
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