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What does that button do? Maybe we could deduce logically if the remote signal and the button have to terminate in the same place?

FYI: Wiring to the button on the control panel won't give you what you're hoping for. It will work for the button on the control panel but not when you press the remote. That will be added later after some electronics on the motherboard. You need to look at the destination rather than the source.

The destination on the motherboard for the genlock button on the remote is likely to be unused (unless you have a Genlock fitted). If it is in the form of a simple on/off signal then *maybe* you wire to this place on the motherboard if you can find it in the schematics. I doubt it will be a simple on/off but you never know.

You're not going to be able to wire in before the 'keyboard' processor.
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