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Originally Posted by RMK View Post

I'm thinking about maybe getting a Sega Saturn. Although I have absolutley no where to put it, I feel it has a number of decent games and worth a try. I'm wondering if one version of the console is better than another? I have noticed that there are a few versions in PAL, easy to tell apart by grey and black buttons.

Can these machines be modded at all, and if so what are the benefits?

Thanks guys.

try and find a mobo rev .0014, easiest one to mod, use a mod v2 chip from console supplies, once modded backups can be played but you'll need to do a region free mod as well to play all regions.

last of all get a 4mb action replay to finish off the job (a few games use the extra 4mb for a better display, almost forgot try the s-video cable for a 1/2 about picture

cheers, JuvUK
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