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Hello Nova,

ive already written an email to you but today i found this thread and maybe you see this earlier, dont know

Ive got a liitle problem: 1.2.0 worked fine so far for me but it was a bit slow - now ive downloaded the 1.2.1 one or two weeks ago and it wont start at all

My system is a 3.1-wb on an standard aga 030!

When I want to start Scumm nothing happens, no screen to choose res or sound, simply nothin! When I open error.log i can read "no palettefile found"!

Can u or someone other pls tell me what to do? What is that for a palette-file and where can I find it, what does this message mean?

Or is this already fixed in new .003 from 04/16 youve uploaded?

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