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Keyboard arrived today and works great.

The HxC software is very good and the keyboard seems pretty essential

I've learned a few things about the HxC floppy emulator, upgraded the firmware and learned how to use the different slots for games with more than 2 discs

However before I set it up properly I lost a jumper somewhere in the room! So I've ordered some more from eBay for a few pennies

Things I'd like to check for the HxC are:

Why not have lots of virtual disc drives so multi disc games can all be in one slot?

Is there a way to change slots while a game is running without pressing the HxC buttons?

Say I have three two disc games, one in each of three slots, how do I launch one game, say from slot 2?

I'll post the same questions on the HxC forum

Other matters:

ROM switch, I drilled a easy hole in the side of the lid (12mm) but failed to notice that the psu housing is in the way! However while looking on eBay for CDTV bits I saw that there is a small pre drilled hole in the video card at the back so the lid can be removed without snagging a wire. However it means that the nice button I bought is too big and the in line wire connectors are useless, only a few quid but useless for this project. I may try to find a little switch to install on the back video card plate then that task will be complete.

As for mounting the HxC inside I have a floppy cable extender, an sd slot extender but not a floppy power cable extender, so I may pick one up so I can hide the HxC unit elsewhere from the floppy controller board and main floppy cable which will still have to run outside of the machine to the rear floppy port.

It seems that I may still have to access the HxC buttons and be able to see the screen to change disc or slots on the HxC floppy emulator unless the operation changes.

As I have a CDTV keyboard, mouse and remote control, joystick control is not essential at the moment but eventually I'd like to use my bug joystick, but that will mean cables, cutting, soldering and drilling.
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