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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

just got feedback from Vesalia that the memory stability problems of the 42MHz version are solved. This was also one of those problems that I could not reproduce here, so it took a few iterations of sending things back and forth, but ultimately the precise error description has lead to a solid solution.

The trouble was - once again - power supply related. Some PSUs cause more noise than others, and if it's "on the edge", then you get a funny effect: The memory is stable with no keyboard connected, and it's getting unstable (showing 0MB fastmem most of the time) if the keyboard is connected.

This noise is a matter of a few nanoseconds only, and I managed to get around it in pure logic. All new 42MHz cards have this fix already applied.

This makes one issue left: Graphics errors with 28MHz cards. I do have a board from AmigaKit here that supposedly has this trouble, but I haven't been able to reproduce it until now. As Vesalia has a few bad power supplies with lots of noise, they will now ship these PSUs to me, so I can tackle this final problem (hoping that I can reproduce it by combining these "bad" units).


You just don't get this sort of dedication from other places.

Anyone ever had a problem with a graphics card from NVidia or similar that just casues all sorts of problems. If the fix isn't in the FAQs or a software update, its very much "Tough luck" and you go and buy a new card. Not with Jens, once again proving 'He the man!'
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