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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
HDToolbox asks the SCSI driver which drives are connected. You cannot "add" a drive in HDToolbox, you can only edit existing drives. If the CF card was never partitioned before it should be listed as an unknown drive in HDToolbox.
Thanks for your answer Thomas. I will try that later.

Regarding the above, my WD HDD is not connected to the Amiga (only the CF card that was/is actually partitioned as I said) and the info I see in HDToolBox (In 'change drive type' screen) is that of the WD HDD. On the very first screen, I can see the CF card and in partitions, I can see the partitions of the CF card properly. But when I am going to 'change drive type' and try to remove old WD HDD and add the new CF card (I am not sure if I need to do that anyway ie add the CF there) it allows me to do that (I can see two drives there, both the HDD and the CF even though the first is not connected) but if I choose to apply changes it warns me that all data will be lost. CF card was partitioned by Amigakit as requested by me and uses SFS. All I had to do was to hook it to a CF card reader in winUAE and copy files to the partitions as I had them before.
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