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Moving WB installation from HDD to CF - Help required

Hi everyone

I bought a new CF adapter and 4GB card recently to replace my 3.5" 270GB HDD. My HDD is having 2 partitions, System and Work. System is where I have the WB installation and Work where I have programs and games.

I bought the CF adapter and card from Amigakit and the guys were great to partition it the way I asked, one partition 700GB for WB and the remaining (3GB) for programs and games. Both partitions are formatted in SFS.

I thought to do the transfer the 'dirty way' ie plug the HDD and CF to my PC and mount both in winUAE. With DOpus I managed to copy all files, I edited the user-startup and replaced references to DH0 and DH1 to ADH0 and ADH1 respectively and voila! Erm, almost....

Everything started well, no error messages but I got the message that you see in the attached image.

"Program 'Arq' has not yet returned. Should I wait some more?"

If I click no, I enter WB successfully. However, when I go to open HDToolBox and hit Change Drive Type, it still shows the drive to be a WDC drive, my old drive. When I tried to add the new (the CF) it asked me if I am sure since this will delete all data . Of course I clicked no.

Since this is the first time I do something like that, I am wondering:

a) Where does this info retrieved from? I mean how does WB and HDToolBox know I have a WDC HDD and not a Kingston CF card?

b) What can I do in my case? What is the best way to copy an existing WB installation from a HDD drive to a CF (and have proper info in HDToolBox) without reformating/repartitioning the drive.

c) How can I use HDToolBox with my CF Card from WinUAE?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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