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Um... first link. German thingy. *closing* Brain just shut down, will need time for a reboot.

System is back up. Second link then. Manufacturer homepage. Sadly out of date when it comes to the ACA cards. Priority is getting everyone who wants one, a card, and solving issues for those that really need support. I cant find any docs there. They might be there, i just cant find em.
Third link, news story, nothing really informative at this point, i think?
Forth link is where i got the ACATune utility. No docs.

Also. No go with ACATune as the very first line in the startup-sequence. It made my Amiga refuse to boot up after it loaded. Consecutive boots either landed me at the "insert floppy" screen, or the same ACATune AmigaDOS output window. Tore my Amiga apart, and walked home with the harddrive, and put it back just b4 LoadWB. It works, but it may very well be the wrong place to have it, so i'll have a more in dept peek at it, when i got a possibility to use the Amiga at home. Jens, get that Indivision AGA MK2 available for gods sake. ;- )
I'm guessing ACATune needs a switch to enable it to coexist with the scsi.device, if it's going to be launched first.
Anyway, if it works to launch ACATune from the workbench desktop, then it should work just fine from where it currently sits in my startup-sequence.
(After pulling the drive, and walking home with it, i figured out that pulling the ACA1230 card from the Amiga probably would have forced ACATune not to remain resident, and let my system boot, so now i know for a later time.)

*shrugs* anyway, for now i guess i just need to figure out what i'm missing, so i can set it up when i don't have a half an hour walk in each direction, to fix it, if i screw up.
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