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So far it seams everything is working out pretty much as expected with my ACA1230/56. But i have a few questions, that i wouldn't mind having answers for.

Why does Sysinfo say it's a 60.50MHz CPU?

How hot is a 68030 supposed to get @56MHz? (Mine gets "to hot to keep your finger on", but not "to hot to touch")

Whats with the "chip speed vs A600" ? Drystones are "spot on" compared to Jens screen here. But chip was 2.5 or so, instead of 6.00, if i remember right.

Is there anything i "should" do with the ACAtune software to increase performance? Currently i'm simply launching it, without any command switches, just before the loadWB command in the startup-sequence.

Aside from minor issues that i've contributed to the slaves of the WHDload games i've been playing, everything seams to work pretty darn good. But today i experienced some memory corruption slowly messing up icons in a game, and ultimately crashing it. (A-Train, from KG's set.) After that i had what probably was a solid 6 hour sitting on Settlers, with no issues, so now i don't know what to think. Most likely it's just A-train being a bother.

So much to learn, so little understanding of where to start looking.
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