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Metal Gear series

I've been enjoying Metal Gear Solid lately, and I just want to share to you people how much I love this fantastic series of games.

I've played the first Metal Gear on MSX, when it was still new, and the game gobsmacked me since the start. Instead of rushing and killing everyone with a big gun, you had to use stealth to avoid confrotation at all costs. Never before I had played a game with a so strong storyline , and I recommend it to anyone. For a 15 years old game, it's still one of the best around... but..

...Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake came in 1990 , and it makes the originan Metal Gear look pale in comparision. An even stronger storyline, fantastic graphics for the MSX system, new weapon devices and inventive bosses make this one of the best games ever made in history of game. (Well.. the original Metal Gear deserves this mention too )

It took 9 years to Hideo Kojima touch Metal Gear again, but when he did it, he did an AMAZING job. Metal Gear Solid (Why they didn't call it Metal Gear 3 is a mistery to me) is quite simply one of the most fantastic experiences anyone may have with a video-game. An incredibly strong storyline (That put most of today hollywood movies to shame), very cool bosses , variated action.. man, if you have never played this game, DO IT now. I just can't tell how good this game is. I am playing it now, and when I finished it, I will want to play it again.. and again and again. And you see, the game doesn't try to be "Realistic", it just wants to be FUN to play, and boy, it is (The fact you are doing a different thing from time to time makes the game even better).

I am sad that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Libery (And why not call it Metal Gear 4 ? ) was only released for the PS2. I probably won't have a PS2 any soon (It's too damn expensive for me), and you have no idea of HOW MUCH I WANT TO PLAY IT!

I've been reading that Metal Gear Solid 3 is about to be done, (For the X-Box first), and Hideo Kojima will be only involved in the pre-development of the game , as he said Metal Gear Solid 2 was the last time he would design a Metal Gear game. I hope Konami (And it's an unesful hope, I know) leave Metal Gear alone if Hideo Kojima doesn't want to do it anymore. He is truly the genious behind the game, and the proof is that every Metal Gear game Hideo Kojima didn't do wasn't very good: Metal Gear on any other machine but the MSX was ported by Ultra Games, and they added stuff and changed the storyline, and EVERYTHING they made in the game was lame. Snake's Revenge also done by them for the NES was crap, and Metal Gear Solid on gameboy isn't that good too...

Well.. if anyone has played Metal Gear Solid 2, please tell me how good it is
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