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Just a small post to say that there are a new firmware for the SD HxC Floppy Emulator:

10/04/2011: Firmware SD HxCFloppyEmulator v1.6.0.0

- File browser : The file browser now jump to the start/end of the file list once you reached its end/start.

- Direct access mode :
Speed optimization for the Hard Disk Emulation mode ;-) :
->Faster read and write Access
->Dynamic sector number during read/writing
(Hard disk emulation driver available soon on Atari ST computers ;-) )

Note: The file selector software must be updated!

- HFE file renaming Function :

->The HFE file can now be renamed.
To do this just select an HFE file and press the select button during 1 second.
Then In the function menu choose "Rename Img file".
Note: The file name on the sdcard isn't directly changed by this function but the new name is changed into the HFE file.

- New boot/power up mode :
->New Option to force loading STARTUPA.HFE at power up into the drive A.
->New Option to force loading STARTUPB.HFE at power up into the drive B.

- Autoboot/file selector program boot mode enhanced :

->New Option to Force loading AUTOBOOT.HFE at power up (don't load the last selection at power up)
->New Option to choose the next slot when inserting the SDCard.
With this feature, the LCD screen and buttons are optional
because the SDCard can be used like a true floppy disk: eject it and reinsert it to choose the next Floppy.

- Write support : No more glitch on the read data line during writing (Correct write problem on some FDC).
Write gate management bug corrected in 500Kbits/s MFM mode. (765A FDC write bug).

- Various bugs corrected and code enhancement...
This one may help you.

I will add the joystick control soon to the file selector software.

If you have any question/suggestion don't hesitate to contact me .
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