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I have possibly found a keyboard, although it's looking more expensive than the CDTV itself.

I did get a new CDTV mouse for a tenner from eBay

I didn't bother getting a cheap-ish 68010P12 CPU from eBay as it may cause incompatibility problems and give little benefit.

I'll only be using the CDTV for floppy games as there's little chance of getting a hard drive working, therefore all workbench type stuff is out.

I don't intend to update or add any ROMS as 1.3 is fine for floppy games.

Costs have gone up though and have acquired some useless bits that I can't use, but only cheap cable components.

Todo (still)

1. Drill power supply housing, fit rom switch in case with detachable plug so I can take the lids off. I have a cheap hobby drill now!

2. Learn more functions of the HxC with a keyboard. Keyboard hopefully coming soon.

3. Fit joystick port for my Bug joystick
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