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Help with Answers about AROS

Hi All,

I having been back to the Commodore 64 scene for a few years. I am starting to get back into the Amiga scene. Anyway, I loved my Amiga games such as Eye of the Beholder, Flashback, etc... I have the disks for some of them still.

The questions I have are with AROS. I was thinking of installing it on my machine. However, can it play kikstart 1.3 games? I remember having a keyboard switch in my Amiga 2500 that would switch between kikstart 1.3 and 2.04. And to play some of the games, I had to switch back to 1.3. Also, does it recognize a floppy. Basically, if I had AROS (linux Live distro) installed and installed a game, could I play it? Finally, can AROS mounst ADF files as floppies so I can play Eye of the Beholder again?
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