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@Akira : Sorry but I haven't a digital camera

@Retro: According to the news groups that is a 'normal' problem.
>I have recently started using my 128D instead of my '83 breadbox 64 and
>noticed there are prominent (and very annoying) vertical lines on the screen
>at every column.

This is unfortunately intrinsic to the newer HMOS-2 VIC-IIs. (In this
case, the 128D's VIC-IIe.)

>Is there any hack to reduce or eliminate them?

In the 128, no, since you need the extra registers the VIC-IIe supplies.
I'm not sure if you culd replace the HMOS-2 VIC-II in a regular 64, but
I bet the power requirements are different. (Nicolas, I hear you reaching
for the followup button. :-P)

I've replaced the motherboard but the lines still appear
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