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Great project,

Well, if you don't want to make holes or find no place, there are special adapters made for the cdtv. I have one, but these are sadly hard to find. the connect to the mouse or trackball port.

The Bootrom switch is very useful. I have one too.

I didn't read anything, what version of bootrom do you have? 2.30 is the lastest and I also have a special kickstart switch between 1.3 and 2.04. 1.3 for gaming, 2.04 is better for workbench or other programs etc. Maybe you are also interested in this mod?

> compact flash HDD via IDE vid SCSI providing I can do this for less than £75

Well, I have a cdtv scsi adapter, but I never got that running, sadly. Space is a problem in cdtv because I wanted to give access to the cf card from outside without modifying the cdtv's case. But I can say that SCSI-> IDE is working well (tested in my A3000) and also IDE->CF card (for HDD or FAT32) is working, depending on the cf card specification. So I would say it is possible technically, but adapters are expansive.

It's very cool to get the CF-card where the memory-card-port is normally

For the keyboard:
You can use EVERY external Amiga Keyboard. But CDTV has a 5 pin mini din. A2000 / 3000 / 3000T / 4000T has 5 pin DIN. A4000 D has a 6 pin MINI DIN. So a adapter from either 5 pin DIN or 6 pin mini DIN to 5 pin mini DIN should be working fine
Note: minidin 5+6 are different and not only "I cut a pin off". there is a protection plastic in the middle.

But you can emulate lot of keys with remote or trackball. Are the functions accessable from there? (sry I do not own HxC). Maybe you can config the keys used for controlling?

Good luck ,
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