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Well, things went bad at amibay, but with 100% feedback, all were very pleased to make deals with me. Saldly, moderation there is bad and made false decisions. No 2nd chance either, seems they have anything against beeing successfully. hehe

As for the selling:
I bought a lot myself and it's simply too much and I sell things I bought twice. As I said, I'm student and I only have a small room and simply bought new things that was missing in collection and now try to get space back by selling things I have twice. Why it's twice you ask? Well it was not 100% complete and therefor I bought a second or it was included in a set etc. I got A3000, A4000 etc for free and all are in collection and never will sale this.

Also someone thinks I got all that for free (never ever , mostly of collection bought) and now sell this, this is simply not true. Never made that much profit in selling, but it's great to have overall positive feedback and thanks for all buyers. Hope they enjoy. That's why I sell here now, you never will make a bad deal here.

@ spocky:
hanks for getting me out of amibay, THIS is a NO GO.

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