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Originally Posted by yaqube View Post
The daughter board is almost fully assembled (only Ethernet components have not been mounted yet). The CPU interface is functional. The rev. 6 CPU I have got is able to work stable even when clocked at 102.8 MHz.

Now I'm working on the USB interface.
Have you seen the 133MHz FE 68060 that the Natami team has mounted on at least two of their 68060 daughtercards? It is some kind of 68EC060 without an FPU, or MMU, but finding information about this surface mount 68060 has proven difficult. It is apparently only available from Chinese distributors and they don't have any spec sheets for this chip. I don't know if the 133MHz chip is of any interest to you or MikeJ. Since it is surface mount, it would take a redesign to use it in place of the socketed 68060 chips on the current daughtercard design.
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