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Exclamation Hello from Vienna

Hi Fans,

I want to introduce me short. I come from Vienna/Austria and I'm a young Commodore, Amiga, Atari collector. But I also show them on meetings and repair them. I try to conserve them and make them clean and complete. I study at TU Wien (technical university). My aim is to get some more Commodore Computers and also expand some of them with HD, CD/DVD, CF card etc so its useable.

I came to my hobby because I had a C64 from the beginning of my live - cool eh? My father had one since 1987 and I was born 1989. I loved playing on C64 at young age but later I got a PS1. But in 2003 on a flea market I got a C64G model at 3 Euros and so I played C64 again. 2004 I got my first Amiga Computer - A500 with 1084 Monitor. So I bought some things, mainly to notice: A600HD, C128D and A1200. But I'm collecting Commodore since 2008 in bigger dimensions, as I got my first A4000 in packaging at 100 Euros.

Since then, I have several Amiga models, including A500, A600, A1200, A1000, A2000, A3000, A3000T and A4000. What would be better as looking for a A4000t? Don't forget CDTV (with all extras as trackball, mouse, ir mouse etc, VERY COOL!) and 2 new CD32.

Also I have lot of Commodore 8 bit homecomputers, starting with VC20 to C64 models, C128 and C128D and the C16/C116/Plus4. Including SX64, Max Machine, silver label C64, NTSC C64 first revision, etc.

Also I'm looking for Ataris, sadly I never got XE series and 400/800 and some other stuff. But Atari is not as important as Commodore/Amiga to me but still I want to collect them.

Today I have A4000/040 with 16 MB RAM, DVD, 40 GB HDD (with WHD Load registered), 2 Chinon Disk Drives, and a CF Card on the back.
Also always on my table: C128D CR and CDTV.

I also collect consoles, like Atari 2600 (very cool! -> Gravitar anyone?) up to newer ones. NES/SNES/N64, GameBoy classic/Color/Advanced, SEGA megaDrive/32x, Sega Saturn and SONY: PS1 (5 versions, one missing 5002), 2 PSone (small one), PS2 and I love hacking PSP (CFW)

For selling/trading:
I'm very accurate and don't had problems. Hope you are also happy if you buy from me. In case there is a real problem, I sure will get back to you with a solution. But hope that all will be OK and some other can use the hardware that is lying here doing nothing. Therefor, my collection will get other items that I'm searching for, that I want to use.

DONT Forget: Check out my homepage. Sry, English version is in work, but some pages are ready. If there are mistakes please let me know! FULL GERMAN VERSION, but English version has transtaion on some sites. Ready are most of the Main Menu sites and also Commodore 8 bit computer, rest ist Google translation for now.
ALSO CHECK OUT THE COOL 3D MODELS I VE DONE (Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher)!

3D Models I've done (e.g.). you NEED ADOBE READER 8.0 OR BETTER: (not final) (very cool!) (small amiga, small work) (C= Floppy 1581)

there are more done by me or converted by myself into PDF, see full list at my homepage (english html):

Greetings from Vienna,
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