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Anyone interested in the 3D Construction Kit (3DCK) may be interested to know that the 17 issues of the 3D Construction Kit User Group (3DCKUG) are going up at

Within the issues was a PD library with lots of information about homebrew games. This starts a paper trail for these games to be found.
To my surprise, all of these 3DCKUG games are already listed at the PD website
It looks like it may well be possible to download the full “SYN TAX 2000” set. Has anyone downloaded this?

The 3DCKUG newsletters contained some extra information on these games, so I have summerised them below, in case anyone else is interested in tracking down the games.

Darkness Calls, James H. Yusuf, 3DCKUG PD issue 5
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 513

Planet of the Daleks, Steve Hilder, 3DCKUG PD issue 5
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 514

EFTPOCM Escape from the Planet of Cardboard Monsters, Andrew Herbert, 3DCKUG PD issue 5
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 515

The Mountain Adventure, Mieke Van Der Poll, 3DCKUG PD issue 6
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 511

Atlantis, Mieke Van Der Poll, 3DCKUG PD issue 11
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 512

Magical Maze, Mieke Van Der Poll, 3DCKUG PD issue 15
file <mia>
location: syntax2000 Disk 899

More 3D Construction Kit Games
Disk 577: Wastelands + 3D demo game
Disk 668: CAR + DIY + OXO
Disk 833: Raise the Titanic
Disk 834: Ghost Ship + New Stubb City + Operation Meteor
Disk 897: Devil's Abode (requires AGA chipset)
Disk 898: War of the Worlds
Disk 900: Submarine
Disk 901: Operation Thunderbolt demo
Disk 902: The Probe

Would anyone like to help out on the search for where these games can be downloaded?
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