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Well, we know each other Lockon and we have the same dream for the A500 But I can't believe he'd changed the product completely, as you hint.

As I see it the onboard 68000 is there to save space and a socket. A non-original-speed 68000 is not much of a fallback, and a 14+ MHz 68000 is not much of a Workbench workhorse for 99 EUR...

If he doesn't add a (noticably) faster CPU, the features of the board is IDE, clockport, and A1200 adapter. Still great, but the board itself then compares equally to similarly priced boards already preorderable, or indeed a sidecar expansion like 2MB GVP SCSI. Since he dislikes those I don't think he'd risk that, not many will buy the board just to buy a USB board too for 150 EUR extra to surf with a 68000...

I have more reasons why I don't think it is as you fear, but to sum it up I think Jens's thinking has always been right on, market-wise. And so I think he will make a board that is attractive to many - making it just a springboard to further expansion investment (when there are cheap A600s/A1200 available) would not reach that goal.
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