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Originally Posted by Claw22000 View Post
I usually Pull the drive out of my amiga A1200 and do the reinstalling using WinUAE. Its faster and easier to do when working with CWB. I was hopeing to be able to read it without having to install it since I want all the partitions to use this filesystem.
The manual is readable without installing after you extract the archive. You can even read it in Windows. Use WinRAR to extract and WinGuide and a web browser to read the manuals.

If this is possible currently I use Thomas's teachings on

Well, installing a filesystem is basically the same process every time in an Amiga, be it FFS, SFS or PFS3. Only the dostype changes.

I'm sure you can combine the manual that is shipped with PFS3 and Thomas' instructions.

Specifically the point where it says:
Now click on Add/Update. Select FastFileSystem and click on Delete File System. Then click on Add New File System and select Work:Download/L/Smartfilesystem. Change the identifier to 0x53465300 and click on Ok.

Now select the first partition and click on Change. Change File System to SFS\00 and Block size to 512. Check that MaxTransfer is 0x1fe00.
Basically the things that change are the parts where you type 0x53465300 and SFS\00 and also the file you select after you click Add New Filesystem..

I'll leave it as an exercise to find out what you should type and select when using PFS3. :-)

I'm a firm believer of the "teach a man to fish" principle. If you're just following a guide, you'll be following guides forever. If you think about what you're doing and why, then you might be able to adapt your knowledge to other tasks in the future.

Great tutorial to use a big drive in amiga. If what I read about this in the forum I should be able to use the drive I have as 2 drives w/o using the loadmodule scsi.device (Memory hog) thing. Which might help me with my CD32/SX1 combo not having extra memory. Just though I would see what people think and if this is possible. Never used this before so again sorry if this question seems dumb.
You will not be able to use a large drive without loadmodule if you're using the Commodore/Amiga Inc. provided scsi.device.

PFS3ds will only support up to 8GB with the onboard IDE adapters using the stock scsi.device.

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