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I can agree with most if not at all you said, but in order to stay fair, you have to value most of 'survived' A500 users and Jens equally.

Yes, A530 is one of holy grails for A500 crowd, heck I'm a proud owner of one of it.
It's overpriced, with fair performance, never 1st compared to other solutions (Derringer, Viper, PPS040), but it is a all-in-one solution and a well-implemented sidecar.

Jens is smart guy; he bets on safe hand and maximizes his market odds carefuly; for that he should be credited with the outmost respect from every Amiga member still taking care of this legacy. However, his ACA520 project won't put your A500 right ahead of old GVP solutions, In order to achieve and surpass it, you have to buy ACA1230 and then compare it as 'apples-to-apples' from the feature, maintenance and cost perspective. Cost can be compared easily through R&D efforts - obviously for OCS/ECS machines, the core remains same saving great fraction of development , but then he gets slammed with prototyping costs.

Anyway, it all bears down towards your A500's mission and a ceiling of money you want to invest in this peripheral. IMHO, I think that A500's general availability is much larger than one found at A600 machines. For that reason I fail to see why he wont treat A500 accelerator equally (030, kickflash, a lot of RAM) and expect good sales here also.

Unless you have a large stock of ACA1230 components and deplete that by another clever distribution channel for maximizing your profit margin. Another smart thing worth of respect.

That's the reason I will probably buy 2 complete sets.
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