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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
There's a FAQ in the archive in HTML form and the user's guide in AmigaGuide format is installed along with the filesystem from PFS3/data/eng/doc ..

The manuals are very comprehensive, I heartily recommend reading them.
I usually Pull the drive out of my amiga A1200 and do the reinstalling using WinUAE. Its faster and easier to do when working with CWB. I was hopeing to be able to read it without having to install it since I want all the partitions to use this filesystem. If this is possible currently I use Thomas's teachings on

Great tutorial to use a big drive in amiga. If what I read about this in the forum I should be able to use the drive I have as 2 drives w/o using the loadmodule scsi.device (Memory hog) thing. Which might help me with my CD32/SX1 combo not having extra memory. Just though I would see what people think and if this is possible. Never used this before so again sorry if this question seems dumb.

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