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Yes, direct PC drive access will be possible in future (of course you can't read Amiga disks until Catweasel support is complete...)

I plan to add uaefloppy.device (or something like that) that can be used to access PC floppy drive directly.

Then the drive can be accessed from Amiga side by using following simple mountlist entries: (quick example)

A: device=uaefloppy.device
unit=0 ; drive A
FileSystem= L:CrossDOSFileSystem
etc.. blahblah..

Unfortunately I am not yet sure if we need two mountlist entries (DD and HD floppies) or not..

Is there source available for DISK2FDI thingo
No, it isn't. (and IMHO it isn't very good for direct WinUAE use because it is DOS-program that does not work very well under w98se and is completely incompatible with NT-based Windows versions..)
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