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Originally Posted by drHirudo View Post
80 GB is very easy to fill with software that will work on Amiga 1200 with 68030 accelerator and soon you will be searching for more space. Better buy CD burner for use with that machine also for backup purposes.
First thing to install is proper Workbench with good mod players. You can add some MP3 player too. Next install utilities and software - LHA, LZX, Directory Opus, Personal Paint and similar stuff. 500 MB will go here (0.5 GB).

Yep already got ClassicWB OS3.9 installed....loads of great tools and programs come pre-installed with it.

Like the idea of emulation (had ZX Spectrum in 1982!!!).....Like the Sega stuff more than NES...but will look at the other 8 bit platforms (already use M.E.S.S on my PC).

Got all the WHD Demos and Games I can think of? Also been going through CD's of Mods and Demos and PD Games.

Not sure if it's worth puting on the TOSEC games set???...unless there is some 'classics' not already WHD'ed.

Got tons of scene artwork to put on (Jpeg etc).

Will aslo install 'other' apps from should have a pretty niffty A1200 with a ton of software running on it
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