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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Tell her if you can only have one historical computer, she can only have one pair of shoes.
Hmm... Is there a connection from this to the fact that Kitty only has one pair of shoes??

Anyway, welcome djukon! One of the nicest things with Amiga is that newly made hardware is still coming out for it. You can get the ACA520 for your A500+ and a CF card+CF-IDE-adapter for a total of 120 EUR, if that's more ok with the spouse. Motivation: "At least it's not another computer. It will allow me to waste less time on the computer because it's faster and I don't have to muck about with disks" (the latter is of course a blatant lie, time spent on the Amiga will be the same )

For the same money+20 EUR you could get an A1200+CF+CF-IDE-adapter and you could argue that you would put the beige older looking one in storage.

Another tip I saw from other married users is to get/fix up an Amiga so it looks modern or at least looks good, they say if it doesn't look like old crap they aren't so angry about keeping it visible, or something to that effect.

Amigakit has white and nice A1200s; a PS/2 mouse adapter is 30 EUR(?) and a nice looking optical mouse is 12 EUR up to 50 EUR. If you're using an old looking TV or monitor you can get the Indivision AGA MK2 coming real soon for around 130 EUR and use it with a PC flatscreen. (If you already use a nice TV with your Amiga you don't need that of course).

Just some strategies... Again, welcome and if you plan your game to work on A500 you probably need to code in assembler, but there are alternatives if it's not heavy on graphics/action.

I hope to get my thumb out and start the assembler school site soon if you decide on assembler.
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