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Some OS 3.9 troubleshooting help needed

So I have the two official boing bags and the unofficial "3" installed.

A few issues though:

1: The replacement ROM from boing bag 2 broke the system pretty hard (refusing to boot), so I got it set to the previous one.
Is there a simple trick to getting it to work though?

2: The install script for BB3 has some stuff to add to the startup-sequence, but that also caused the machine to be unable to boot.
Anyone has a startup-sequence AND BB3 installed, that they could share?

3: Lastly, with BB3 but the startup sequence stuff disabled, things seem to work, but I get weird horizontal lines of corruption occasionally when a folder opens.

Any suggestions for any of the above?

The system is a 1200, with one of the ACA030 cards (56 mhz, 64 megs RAM), 3.1 ROMs
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