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Thank you all for your hospitality, tips and warm words of encouragement .

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
May I suggest you crack open your A500+ and remove the barrel-type battery and replace it with a coin-cell as soon as possible, these have a very nasty habit of leaking and destroying the motherboard!
Originally Posted by BrooksterMax View Post
Follow Hewitson's advice as soon as possible. I had a A500+ as my first Amiga back in 1991/92 and this year it stopped working but now its been fixed and cleaned up.
Yeah, that happened to my first A500+, I didn't know any better . The current one I own has a new barrel-type battery, which is scheduled for replacement in Q3. I've been waiting for a dead PC motherboard to show up from friends and family so I can desolder the coin battery holder.

Anyone know where I can purchase one that will fit the A500+ easily? I saw one on Red's Retro a few months before it went out of business. Any place else?

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I smell a new A1200 'customer'
Originally Posted by BrooksterMax View Post
I recommend getting an Amiga 1200 to complement your A500+ as it is very versatile and allows you try some of the AGA stuff you may have missed like me.
If it were up to me, I would already have one. Unfortunately, I have to abide by the dreaded SAF (Spousal Approval Factor) which mandates that there can only be one historical computer in the house.

That said, I could have either an A500+ or an A1200. From what I've read, the pre-A600/A1200/A4000 board manufacturing process makes the machines easier to maintain in case of malfunction, which boosted a point towards my preservation focus. Don't worry, the miggy gets a spin every once in a while .

If emulation hadn't become as good as it has, I might have been swayed to get an A1200 instead.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
don't forget to also check out HOL (Hall of Light) which is also part of the abime network,
That is awesome work you have there on the HOL. It is difficult to miss after a few Amiga search queries on Google. Great stuff.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
maybe you have some Amiga scans/screens you could contribute to HOL?
I'm not sure if I still have some Amiga Format issues in my parents' attic, I'll have to dig in some time soon. The AFs on the AMR are incomplete as opposed to other mags like Amiga Computing, or is it supposed to be that way?

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Thanks for sharing your background and aspirations with us by way of introduction here.

I'm sure you're all set to make a significant contribution to the Amiga community. It's great to have you aboard!
Thank you all again, you definitely know how to make one feel welcomed into the EAB community .

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