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Originally Posted by James View Post
Have now tried updating the original icon via OS 4.1, resulting in an icon that works perfectly with your library. So it would seem this is a problem with the patched version of RAWBinfo..??
No sorry, I think it's not Bernd's RAWBInfo patch to blame. It's no 'JUNK' in his code. (code removed)

The 'JUNK' was already in the OS 3.9 and OS 4.0 icon as the 'default tool' string. But this string is not visible as long as the icon type is set to 'tool'. When you convert it to PNG then - and only then - my library sets the type to 'project' if it finds a 'default tool' string in a PNG icon, even it it was a 'tool' before. You can always remove the 'default tool' string and change the type with WB:icon->info or with icon edit manually.

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