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When nostalgia kicks in


From what I've read so far, EAB seems to be the best Amiga forum to focus on. I will place my time here and hope I may be able to help out.

A little background. My very own first computer was an A500+. I still own one and wish to preserve this short-lived model for as long as possible.

I've been following the Amiga scene from a distance since 2007 when Amiga nostalgia kicked in. I am continuously being amazed at the hardcore level of Amiga enthusiasts keeping the scene alive, I bow to all your efforts.

Future projects: Besides pimping out my A500+ with more memory, drives, video connections, yellowing-protection, etc., I have in mind developing an OCS space trading/combat 2D game. The idea is largely inspired by Escape Velocity (Mac/Win) with a touch of strategy drawn from the Star Wars Rebellion gameplay (Win).

My General Computing/Amiga beliefs & values are as follows:
  • Current generation hardware I purchase will always be cheap and portable, at this moment it means PC netbooks docked to normal scale peripherals; I have no reason for powerful machines anymore or Mac luxury;
  • The Classic Amiga Computing Architecture was the most revolutionary of its time (and some might argue to this day); and though as it is not used in mainstream anymore, I believe classic Amiga should be looked upon as Latin is to many natural languages, a legacy to be remembered and explored;
  • Placing limits on available resources drives ingenuity, a skill I wish to keep exercising; for me the 16-bit sprite era is timeless and the Amiga a hallmark, it is where I intend to practice resource limitation;
  • New inroads into Amiga technology are something I keep an eye on, the Natami and (ic)AROS being my favorites;
  • Emulation with *UAE is great for on-the-go and testing on different machine configurations, however, there is nothing like the real thing .
Additionally, my educational background is in IT.

I wish to contribute to the Amiga community as much as possible. I will probably be a very light forum poster, chiming in whenever I might have something useful to add.
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