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I saw that Jens replied yesterday with this status:
  • I have ideas to solve most of the mechanical problems, I have virtually all the sample parts
  • board will be a "double decker", that is, consists of two boards
  • part of the mechanical solution means that 86-pin port will be completely blocked/unusable [on A500]
  • fallback solution will most likely be to a CMOS-68000, which has access to RAM and IDE

He asked if A600 or Buddah style IDE support is desired (ie. boot-support back to kick 2.05 or 1.3) and I saw a reply in favor of Buddah. I also root for 1.3 IDE support, of course.

He doesn't want anyone to drill holes in their Amigas for a HDD-LED, so he plans to use the floppy LED either as HDD LED, or share it for both.

The expansion port is blocked and unusable, for him to not have to make 4 mechanical solutions for the different mobo revisions. It's likely he will use it/its screw holes to mechanically fasten the board. Either way, it will not be compatible with sidecar expansions, especially not accelerators, memory and harddisks. That's the premise, anyway - I think I saw a mechanical modification of Action Replay to make it usable. (I wouldn't rely too much on cartridges being compatible with an accelerator or even a different kickstart though.)

The board will "cover I/O needs", likely referring to the clockport. Subway etc is already dicussed.

So if "parts have arrived" includes PCBs, it might not be too long, maybe end of May. I think middle of June is more realistic.

*Inner child screams: "BUT I WANT ONE NOW!!"*

Here's my optimistic summary:
  • Available to buy end of June
  • Onboard 68000
  • RAM and IDE usable in 68000 mode
  • 68000/IDE/kick 1.3 possible

  • From certain remarks it also seems there will be no softkicking option nor onboard kickstart socket
  • If the double-decker solution is not only to make the board+A1200 adapter, but also to minimize accelerator size, it could be that it fits into other models than A500 without hitting internal parts.

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