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Sorry about the delay- I thought I would update you on the latest work.

Due to feature-creep into the new release, the latest update has been an internal only release and there has been a version bump.

The main work has been around adding tooltypes for almost every aspect of EasyADF. Settings can be saved now in the menus and the tooltypes are updated.

The iconify feature where EasyADF sits on Workbench minimised as an icon has been developed further with more features. You can now start EasyADF iconified and at a the location of choice on your Workbench. When EasyADF is iconfied, simply dropping a LHA / ADF / LZX archive over the icon will quickly decompress it without having to open the main program.

EasyADF Also a memory leak bug has been fixed (sorry). EasyADF also now consumes less CPU time when it is dormant.

The program's Zoom icon is now fixed and you can specify the Window height within the constraints of your screen resolution (via new tooltype).

Internally the program has been re-structured for future planned features.

I am in the process of testing the new release on older Workbench releases for problems. New documentation will be posted to the EasyADF website shortly documenting the new features.

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