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I'm struggling with the project so far (time, effort and skill wise)

Drilled a hole in the side for my extended ROM on/off switch. Then realised it clashes with the steel surround for the PSU so the hole is useless and scruffy. I'll have to get a blanking grommet to fill it! Fool again. Measure twice, cut once and all that....

Then I was hoping to ditch the Video card as I use the RGB out port and not the connections on this card. I thought I could use this space for my joystick and mouse ports as the hole is larger than the expansion port. however it appears that the machine doesn't boot without this card in place. rethink needed

Then the pre-wired joystick ports I have did not have a sufficiently long ribbon cable to reach the chip at the front if I mounted them on the back. So i'm currently looking to install the mouse and joystick ports on the side, although that has its obstructions too.

I'm also crap at cutting out small precise holes out of metal for new ports. Mostly because I have a good collection on building tools but a pathetic amount of "craft" tools, i.e. no dremel drill!

Then I need to fit in my HxC floppy adapter and the external floppy interface that it runs off. There are two small PCB's that I think I can fit inside but I need to ensure that the keyboard control will 100% remove the need to access the HxC board buttons. Awaiting keyboard to confirm this. I have bought a SD card socket extension cable so I can shove the HxC inside the CDTV and still be able to access the SD slot externally. I'll still have to run the external floppy cable outside the machine to plug into the floppy port.

After i've sorted these items i'd still like the HxC LCD screen mounted on the top of the machine case, but I need a ribbon cable extension from HxC to mounting position

Looks like I really need a hobby drill to cut all these ports and holes in
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