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If you want to get a Zorro-soundcard, get your hands on the Delfina. This is certainly the best Amiga-specific soundcard ever developed. It's pretty expensive, but the Audio-geeks love it - and it easily competes with PCI soundcards in the same price range (according to the Audio geeks).

The "Flipper" edition is not available yet, Jens hopes to have it ready for the German Amiga Show (December), but he's not sure if he'll get it finished in time. He seems to be pretty busy with the new Catweasel (seems he gets enormous Feedback). Btw., "Delfina Flipper" means it has the same "Flipper" interface as the "Catweasel Flipper" - i.e. you can connect it to Zorro slots, PCI slots or an A1200 clockport.

If you don't need tons of geek features and could easily live with a Soundblaster, get a Mediator PCI board and a Soundblaster instead. This will give you access to cheap PCI cards (Voodoo3, 100MBit NIC, USB, TV cards). But in the bundle you linked to, the AVERMEDIA box seems to be pretty useless: It's more or less just a scan-doubler, so you'll have to get a monitor switcher or a PCI TV card to make any use of it.
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