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A-Org sinking?

What's happening in A-Org?
Recently I've seen a couple of members coming here. I taked a look there and I found some threads about it:

This place is ruined. Time to leave.

Please if you are thinking of leaving read this 1st

And a couple of interesting answers:
Originally Posted by adz View Post
I don't see what exactly has changed around this place, it's always been chock full of whingers. If people actually moved away from relying on the home page for new posts, they'd realise that people are still asking questions about Amiga problems and what not and actually getting answers. Sadly there seems to be awful lot of thread hijacking lately, but again, this is nothing new, only now it's people bitching about CUSA instead of the whole Red vs. Blue thing. Yes, it's fun to hijack a thread every now and then, it alleviates monotony of this place, but FFS it is getting beyond a joke, it seems like some people just like the look of their own ramblings. Unfortunately, for the Amiga community as a whole, it appears that a good percentage of its members are so stuck in the past that even their mentality has failed to mature. Why people can't embrace new ideas and community spirit around these parts it well beyond my comprehension.
Originally Posted by Tension View Post
Such a shame what's happened here lately. Old skool trolling and heavy handed moderation put me off posting a while back.

As it looks like its about to get worse, I think i'll bail out at this point before I get moderated out of existence.

So long, and thanks for all the pancakes!
... Retrofan, I think people are leaving because they're sick of the Commodore USA praise here, just as so many people were sick of it on AmigaWorld before (which was accompanied by people leaving that forum too). Thankfully EAB doesn't seem to have been affected yet, but then again that forum has other problems that prevent people from wanting to post there.

Expect this place to fall apart over the year as Commodore USA's products actually start coming out.
And even here:
Originally Posted by thgill View Post
Hello and welcome fellow North American!
Good thing you jumped ship from as they are circling the toilet bowl.

And appart of all this I've seen a couple of days ago too much publicity, and now I find a couple of threads about it:

I demmand this free advertising stop NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Keep In Mind

I hope nothing of all this will happen here if we can avoid it.

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