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well when choosing a house insurance policy I had to ensure that single items with a value over £1000 were covered. This increased my premium a little but not that much and it does give a little safe feeling should the house fall over while I am out.

I will say at the end of the day its just a load of old computers, while I have a tangible hold on a few of them, in the worse case scenario, I would shrug and start again.

I have at least one of every Amiga Model, with the exception of the Towers, as I really don't have any liking for them. I am short only an A3000, but I am hoping to get one o these this year.

The problem is, how do you fill in the insurance form to explain collectible vintage computing?... to be honest, I am not that smart, so I contacted the insurance company and had to send in a list, with pictures and expected replacement costs...

yeah.... still working on that =)
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