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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Not to mention slow as hell..

Atom or anything less =

Probably has some god awful slow disk controller stuffed on the system board too making for a wonderful experience! You may as well buy the real thing to do your C64 duties and have a mid-range laptop for the rest!

I agree 100% with that statement... but I do care that some half-wit is dragging the good name of Commodore/Amiga and re-branding stuff which is not what these names stand for.

It's like if I bought the name 'Cray' and stuck it on a Atari ST.
Hey some of us like STs! It would be really sad to see nonsense like this happen to the Amiga, Acorn, or ST. These machines mean something to me.
If people want to use the name then they'd better match the spirit of them.
The only way CUSA could redeem themselves would be to relaunch a real C64 with upgrades.

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